Moses Edinborough is a tastemaker, creative impresario and an award-winning innovative creative executive with a powerhouse track record of delivering best in class, dynamic, imaginative, distinguished solutions that drives innovation for the film, broadcast and cable industry premium global brands.

Moses leads with the highest level of excellence, unparalleled exceptional strategic insight, demanding stamina as well as a deep understanding of brand-voice… He carries entrepreneurial visionary and creative strategist expertise in integrating creative services and popular culture into traditional and emerging business models that drive the diplomatic advancement of brand position in the marketplace.


Emmy and Cable Ace Award nominated producer/director, Moses Edinborough, started his career in New York City at the newly launched cable network MTV. At MTV he produced such seminal shows as: “Yo! MTV Raps,” “Unplugged,” and created “Fade To Black” a/k/a “MTV Jams.” While there he worked with talented artists like: Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Stiller, P Diddy, Collin Quinn, Queen Latifah, Tupac, LL Cool J and also Jennifer Lopez. Moses went on to executive produce the “One Night, One Star” Showtime concert series with Usher; and executive produced and directed “Interscope Presents The Next Episode,” the critically acclaimed “8 Mile” documentary spin-off starring rap star Xzibit. He received director and executive producer credit on Tribune Broadcasting’s “The Apollo Comedy Hour;” Comedy Central’s “Two Drink Minimum” and VH1’s “Buster’s Happy Hour” staring Buster Poindexter. Moses is proud to count the late Ted Demme as his first creative partner, and one of his closest friends and earliest influences.

After leaving New York for the West Coast, as VP/Sr. Creative Director responsible for annual marketing budgets of $55 million and $48 Million, Moses re-did the look of Fox Sports, and helped re-brand the premeum cable channel Showtime, during which time Moses won best director short form two years in a row at the New York Film Festival and International BDA Promax Awards. At Showtime, Moses worked with the team responsible for shows such as Dexter, Weeds, Barbershop Californication and Ray Donovan. He recently created “Cool City Fables,” a first of its kind pop music/TV-drama-hybrid. He co-created “Kimmy’s World,” an animated sitcom featuring comedian/actress Kim Coles and “To Get Her Together” with up and coming comic actress Aida Rodriguez. He has also worked with funny men and comic actors Dave Chappelle, Chris Titus and Mike Epps. His Nike commercials, featuring Kobe Bryant, plus his executive producing of “The Nike Innovators,” series with “The Roots’ Quest Love” are current viral clips on the web.

On background, Moses was a hometown sports hero, starring on the gridiron while earning a B.F.A. in Film & Journalism from Hampton University. He was born on the sunny island of St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands the same night his mother saw Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” and a few years after the release of the original “Ocean’s Eleven.” (For reasons known only to Moses… he finds this significant). Much to his everlasting lament, he still cannot hit a curve ball, and blames the fact that he’s the only guy from the islands who cannot swim on, Steven Speilberg’s “Jaws”. He also believes the French are right about Jerry Lewis.

Moses is a buzz driven creative, with a flight bag of content and more amazing ideas than he knows what to do with, Moses joined with pop star Usher in 2010 to deliver high level strategic marketing tactics and assets directly for the CEO of Liz Claiborne, Art Shapiro on a fragrance line, he was also hands on with the pop star on the Broadway reopening of “Chicago” the musical and together Moses and Usher launched TradeWind Pictures the brand agency and film entertainment group. Moses believes he is a much better producer/director due to all the special people listed above. He continues to be humbled by God’s grace in his life. Stay tuned! Keep your eyes wired for the creative impact Moses will continue to level!



iTunes/Beats Music Dr. Dre Special Projects Executive Producer/Director 2017
Nike Innovators Series/The Roots Nike.Com Executive Producer/Director 2016
Sesame Street CTW Series Director 2012-16
BarberShop (Web) Showtime Network Executive Producer/Director 2010
One Night One Star/Usher Showtime Network Producer 2008
The Next Episode/Xzibit Interscope/Showtime Executive Producer, Director 2003
Carnival Fox Sports VP, Sr. Creative Director 1999
The Down Low/411 Disney/Buena Vista Executive Producer 1998
Kimmy’s World/Kim Cole JP Kids Animation Executive Producer/Director 1997
The Shorty’s/Jake LaMotta Disney Animation Executive Producer/Writer 1996
24/7 The Grate Jordan Street 20th Century Fox Films Director/Writer 1996
Two Drink Minimum w/Jake Comedy Central Director 1994
The Apollo Comedy Hour Tribune Broadcasting Executive Producer/Director 1992
Tour Of A Black Planet/Public Enemy Sony/Def Jam Executive Producer/Director 1990
Fade To Black/MTVJams/Bill Bellimey MTV Creator/Executive Producer 1992
Unplugged/LL Cool J MTV Co-executive Producer 1989
Yo! MTV/Dr Dre’, Ed Lover & Fab5 MTV Executiveg Producer/Director 1987-92

COMMERCIALS & PROMOS:As Creative Director/Live Action Director

Winner Takes All Kobe Bryant & Mike Epps Nike 2012
One Night One Star Usher Live In Concert Showtime 2008
Eminem Live From New York City Eminem Showtime 2005
Community Barbershop The Show Showtime 2003
Dysfunction Chris Titus Showtime 2003
For What It’s Worth Dave Chappelle Showtime 2003
Cool TV Vibe Launch Sony/TriStar 2003
The Crucible MLB All Star Game Fox Sports 2003
The Crucible MLB All Star Game Fox Sports 2003
The Rhythm Of the Game NBA Returns Fox Sports 2003
America MLB All Star Game Fox Sports 2003
Wet Metal NBA Returns Fox Sports 2003
Buzz-Bee NASCAR Returns Fox Sports 2003
Bradshaw/Madden Sunday Night Football Fox Sports 2003
Every Totally Nascar Fox Sports 2003
Blueprints Of Baseball MLB Fox Sports 2003
Pittsburgh Sports Tonight Regional Sports Report Fox Sports 2003
Kobe/Spin Carnival Fox Sports 2003
Shaq/Strong Man Carnival Fox Sports 2003
Slow-Mo Pitch Carnival Fox Sports 2003
Crazy Go Nuts NFL This Morning Fox Sports 2003
Super Bowl 36 The Pre Game Show Fox Sports 2003
They Know Football NFL Game Day ESPN 1999
Kobe/Spin Carnival Fox Sports 2003


That’s My Word One Chance Jive Records/US/Zamba 2009
Could This Be Love One Chance Jive Records/US/Zamba 2008
Without You Charlie Wilson Sony/Major Records 2003
A 1 Lover Spra` Banz Capital Records 1994
Bustin` Out Doug E. Fresh Capital Record 1992
Last Night The DJ King Brett Epic Records 1994
Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge Public Enemy Sony/Def Jam 1991
Can’t Do Nothing For Ya Public Enemy Sony/Def Jam 1991
Incident At 66.6 FM Public Enemy Sony/Def Jam 1991
Down Wit` MTV MTV Tommy Boy/Records 1991
The Mission Special Ed Profile Records 1989


Promax North America Platinum Award Best Direction 2016
The New York Festivals Gold World Medal Best Direction 2015
The New York Festivals Gold World Medal Entertainment Program 2013
The New York Festivals Silver World Medal Best Editing 2010
The New York Festivals Bronze World Medal Best Special Effect 2005
The New York Festivals Finalist Award Winner Best Editing 2005
The New York Festivals Finalist Award Winner Best Art Direction 2005
The New York Festivals Finalist Award Winner Camerawork 2005
The New York Festivals Gold World Medal Best Direction 2004
The New York Festivals Gold World Medal Special effect 2004
The New York Festivals Finalist Award Winner Copywriting 2004
The New York Festivals Finalist Award Winner Direction 2004
New York Times Favorable Review Virginia Heffernan 11/2003
Entertainment Weekly Series of the Year Top 5 Ranked 2003
Promax/BDA International Platinum Award Winner Best Direction 2003
BDA Award Silver Award Winner Best Promo 2002
Promax/BDA International Judge Awards Panel 2002
Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Nominee Emmy Award 1999
MVPA Judge Awards Panel 1998
Children Television Workshop Board Member Awards Panel 1996-2001
Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Nominee Emmy Award 1995
Cable Ace Awards Nominee Ace Award 1959
New Music Seminar Judge Award Panelist 1988
NCAA Division I Football Full Scholorship 1982
NCAA Division I Awardees’ National letter of Intent 1982


DGA Director Commercials/Episodic
Adobe After Effects Certified Adobe Creative Suite 5
Final Cut Certified Apple Final Cut Studio


QUOTE: “I don’t care how fucked up you are, come out of that Goddamn trailer.”
Keep your eyes wired, for the creative impact continues to be leveled by Moses


“If you go to work on your goals and dreams, your goals and dreams will go to work on you…”