Based in the counterfeiting and grifting world… Legendary career grifter Casey Newman and his team of accomplices pull off the heist of the century. However little do they know, it would involve robbing two tons of blank treasury paper, getting caught, foiling a casino box-job, partnering with treacherous Asian/Jamaican gangsters, attempting to break into the world’s most secure, well guarded, fortified federal reserve paper mill, and secretly printing $220 million in cash while simultaneously avoiding a deadly trap laid by corrupt secret service agent Brice Kuipers. What the Casey Newman gang was getting into would not be easy, it‘s much bigger than the "Brinks" and the "Great Train Robbery" combined -- the question is, who will survive?

Madame Queen


The story of Stephanie “Gina-Queen” Saint-Clair begins with an eleven-year-old “Queen” who witnesses the destruction of her home on the island of Martinique from a deadly volcanic eruption. And her sordid, tragic tale continues with a murder and her flight, as a twenty-one-year old, leaving, France and the man she loves to the eventual saga of her scandalous and opulent rise in life, where she built and ran the first and largest ‘numbers racket’ during the 1920’s Harlem renaissance. Madame Queen was beautiful, powerful and a woman who fought and sneered well-established Italian and Jewish gangland mobsters. She was infamous, known as “The Tiger of Marseilles”, but loved by the people of Harlem, yet still feared and hated by the competition. Ultimately Queen faces difficulties with corrupt New York City politicians, and with enemies the likes of Dutch Schultz and Lucky Luciano, it leads to the fall of her enterprise.

The Rub


You ever get the feeling you are being punished for all your sins… Even for the ones you didn’t mean to commit?

Made liable for twenty two million dollars by mob boss Cooley Mandoza, Rick Roach and four members of the Roughneck gang, collide in a race for their lives… After coming upon an armored truck heist gone bad, five street thugs, a pissed off mafia kingpin, and a psychotic middle-eastern terrorist, race across a gridlocked Manhattan, enticed to fight over the highjacked jackpot! This rogues' gallery of cons, double-crossing mobsters, thug-life-street-ruffians, a girlfriend vixen, retiring cop, back stabbing right-hand-man, and one crazed terrorist play at their own risk, and cause the destruction of major landmarks in this frenzied wild pursuit that culminates on a rigged to explode and about to blow Brooklyn Bridge… And to their everlasting lament… only God knows… Who will survive? And that is as is said… THE RUB!

Stealing Vanya


Passion… That Cannot Be Denied! Betrayal… That Cannot Be Forgiven!

Genius record producer DL Tucker, Hip Hop’s king of hits leaves New York after years of platinum success and heads home to Miami to visit Yelsi D'lanor aka “Don D' Angelo,” a powerful but shady Cuban businessman that adopted him and his best friend Samuel when they were kids. On his return, DL is immediately surprised by the beauty of the Don’s young wife Vanya; their attraction to each other is undeniable and even though, they are aware of the danger, and knowing Don D' Angelo is a man who would not tolerate betrayal, their passion consumes them... and that begins a treacherous series of events that leads to an Urban Love Story For The Ages

Furious Angels


In the year 2221, the United States of Africa goes to war with the rest of the world... All the nuclear powers on the planet, launch their missiles on the largest land mass on earth. And that is when time stopped - heaven opened up, and legions of angels descent to earth. Not to save man, but to retrieve the last of God's secret elements left on earth, the patch of soil where the mist went up and God fashioned Adam, the first man in His likeness. It is the only place on earth man had not shed violent blood in God’s name. Dispatched are an Elite Team of eight angels (from each rank except one: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, and angels but not an archangels. The team crosses a war thorn futuristic Africa in search of he who will be and to retrieve the one element that will ensure mankind’s survival.



Red is the color that we pay the most attention to. It is the warmest and most energetic color in the spectrum. We associate red with love, valentines, danger, desire, speed, strength, violence, anger, emergency, exit signs, stop signs and blood! Red can evoke a fight-or-flight, raise blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. Red would not be the color of choice for psychiatric wards, prisons or a hospital. But for Bryan Kendall… Red is his mood! He had a wonderful life, and a perfect existence: a perfect wife, carrying their first child, a perfect house, and a perfect job… But then a crime was committed – a crime so horrible that not only does it rob him of everything and everyone he loves, but also drowns him in a sea of anguish and a Mood of Red. Mild-mannered Bryan Kendall who believes firmly in the God of the Old Testament, is driven to a psychological state if RED… a frame of mind where he takes his own revenge upon the perpetrating devils who shattered his once perfect existence.



An “enemy of the state” is a person accused of certain crimes against the state, such as treason. Describing individuals in this way is sometimes a manifestation of political repression. A regime may purport to maintain national security by describing social or political dissidents as "enemies of the state". In some cases, the individual in question may have legitimately endangered the country and/or its population by selling military or intelligence secrets that undermines a nation's security, and could therefore be considered an enemy not of just a person or entity within a state, but of the state itself and all entities therein…

Imagine if you were mistakenly labeled an enemy of the state, but not by the government. Instead, you’ve been miss-labeled by rather a private corporation with the power to exercise and manipulate government authority!

Cool City Chronicles follows spoken word poet Rapper Yorrick Manner, the most unlikely anti-hero protagonist, whose world is totally destroyed and he’s being taken down a rabbit hole where he will have to learn fast and move quick!! Yorrick is meant to be fascinating, because he’s this ultra-normal young person who gets dragged into an ultra-abnormal circumstance but clings as hard as she can to his very basic decency while in search of the truth.



AngelTown is a hybrid police investigative courtroom drama that exposes the sexy, crime-riddled underbelly of Hollywood, one case at a time.

Through the eyes of a unique LAPD task force and team of attorneys, AngelTown will follow each “crime of the week” from commission to investigation to courtroom adjudications. The audience will have a window into the A-list crime world, where celebrities, power agents, connected Beverly Hills hookers, Hollywood newbies or any combination of Hollywood players get involved in crime, corruption, cover-up, or worse.

Like Law & Order, we'll rip cases from the headlines. Like Entourage, we'll spend time on the beaches, in the studio back-lots and throughout Beverly Hills. Like The Shield, we'll also venture down Hollywood alleys, CDC holding cells the seedy underbelly of LA, and the ugly side of Hollywood fame.



Electric LadyLand is a half-hour situation comedy bustling with tons of fun-filled modern family antics. The only difference... It is a look at an ex-rock guitar player with his own sweet set-up… The living, breathing world of a guitar sales and repair storefront… Electric LadyLand! With a nonstop revolving door, this shop is a magnet to wild rockers, fun seeking models and unusual music scene chaos… but it all change when he finds out he is the father of a now independent, bright, wide-eyed, colorful, spirited, wonderful thirteen-year-old kid… dillion! Who is more of an adult than his dad and guardian riff, who is no way happy with the phrase “full custody...”

It all starts with a RIFF... (noun):; usually associated with repeated phrases in jazz typically supporting a solo improvisation; but in this case Riff’s the owner of Electric LadyLand... and the lucky victim of life’s debacles...



To Get Her Together, is a give me Prada or I will wear nothing at all Sex And The City, Put A Ring On It, funny-women-hot-chick-bashing laughter!

Through the eyes of unique funny woman, Aida Rodriguez, immediately following after the success of her superhero Wonder Woman movie, Aida, her sister and her off-color posy girlfriends, move into a house together despite all their issues about love, life and showbiz ‘frenemies’. The series follows the adventures of budding film star/comic actress Aida Rodriguez as she grapples with the comic complications of life on her own. Aida is a working actress living in Los Angeles surrounded by L.A. regulars: the passive-aggressive, impatient, grumpy former Starbuck-latte-makers turned A-list showbiz world celebrities, power agents, connected Beverly Hills writer-actor-producers, Hollywood newbies, the uber powerful, power players or any combination wannabe who acts like they own the town -- because they do... But now they will have to deal with Aida! So look out!